So, you wanna know more?

This blog is my own little getaway where nobody knows who I am or what my story is. Just the problems and issues I write about.



So I’m going to keep this blog anonymous. With that said, I will tell you a few little things about me…

I love reading, like any kind of books, I will read them. I love the feeling I get when you imagine yourself in another persons life and how weird and wonderful their life could actually be. Definitely beats my boring old life.


Reality TV is my life…Okay, that’s very dramatic but I love watching reality TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Geordie Shore. I also love watching TV series like American Horror Story and Gossip Girl. I get pretty obsessed and my University work is kind of paying for it.


At the moment, this is basically all my life is based on, plus University work. So there really isn’t much more to me, I’m just an ordinary, 20 year old girl who spends her days dealing with numerous problems that some people may find little and unimportant but they are issues to me non the less.

I know, I’m probably coming across as some “oh her life is just so hard” kind of girl but that’s not true at all. My life is pretty average and uncomplicated. I just complain a lot, probably more than a normal human being.


So that’s me, hope you guys enjoy my blog and don’t think I’m too much of a complainer.



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