Things get better, right?

Now I’m not very good at this whole blog thing however, I needed some way to express my feelings instead of bottling them all up inside of me till the feeling of explosion gets too much. So here it goes, I guess…


Ever had the feeling that things are just getting too much? To the point where everything that is happening in your life just doesn’t seem worth it any more? That’s how I’m currently feeling, and have been for several weeks now. I’m in University and I know I’m probably not the only person feeling like this but feeling like this all the time is just becoming way to much. I cry a lot and sometimes don’t want to leave my bed.


However, there are days where I get out of bed and attend classes. Days where I feel like the day isn’t that bad and the world isn’t out to get me and make me miserable. Days like this make me think “It must get better, right?” Life can’t be this hard and miserable so maybe I just need to wait for it to be my turn to be happy. The future holds no limits apparently and my life is what I make it, according to my flatmate anyway.


If that’s the case, then life must, in fact, get better. I’ll finish University and have a degree for a career I hope I love, I’ll meet a boy who likes me for me and maybe even experience the kind of love you only ever see in books. I’ll grow up knowing, everything will be okay. 

So with this in mind, I will apologise for such a depressing first post but I think this experience has definitely helped me get one of the many problems off my chest. I’m sure there will be many posts in the future, expressing my questions about the ‘meaning of life’ but for now, let’s hope for everyone out there realises, like me, that the universe doesn’t hate you and things will get better.




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